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Review: Christiania Vodka

christiania vodka

Here we have another high-end, traditional potato vodka, straight outta Norway (note the neck of the bottle) and distilled six times, bottled at 80 proof. The makers in fact claim it to be the world’s first ultra-premium vodka, with a heritage dating to 1602. The flavor is indeed smooth, especially for a potato vodka, herbal and slightly sugary on the finish, but unmistakable in its medicine-like pungency that’s characteristic of all potato vodkas.

I’d have no problem using Christiania in cocktails (I’m thinking vodka martini, maybe with Lillet Blanc), and it’s not at all bad taken chilled and neat. Still, the overpowering flavor of raw alcohol makes this a vodka for blending, not so much for sipping straight.

80 proof.

B+ / $33 / christianiavodka.com

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Christiania Vodka



Christopher Null

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  1. Dopey April 20, 2009

    Speaking about Norway, has anyone tired Viking Fjord vodka? I’m attempting to purchase a Norway vodka and debating which on tastes better.


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