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New Drinking Mag on the Block: Mutineer


I know the print magazine business is tough: I’ve worked at four glossies in my career, all of which are now defunct. (Hence all the drinking.)

Gotta love Mutineer for giving the biz a try with a bimonthly magazine for the younger, cocktail-centric crowd. It’s heavy on features and contains no alcohol reviews at all. Features in issue #1 include an interesting piece on drinking in the movies, a deep dive into sake, and a nice story about the classic Harry’s Bar in Venice. While a couple of stories seem superfluous (“How to Order a Drink in a Retaurant [sic]” is not just saddled with a painful typo but should be obvious, Drinking 101 stuff for anyone in the target demographic of Mutineer), most are thoughtful and well-written.

Aside from a desperate need for a copy editor, the mag’s only other real failings are that it’s terribly short (40 pages) and needs to rectify some cartoonish font choices. The crossword could probably go, too. And really: What’s wrong with some reviews?

Good luck, guys! I will be drinking in your honor promptly at 5.

Check out the entire first issue here (PDF link).

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Christopher Null

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