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Can you tell I’m reading the latest issue of the magazine now?

Some interesting picks here: Smirnoff for best value vodka, Grey Goose and Prairie Organic also awarded. Junipero and Plymouth gin recognized, with Beefeater named the best value. (I’ve never seen Plymouth for the $30 they list it here… I’d call it the best value instead.)

Ron Zacapa as best aged rum, and Bulleit, at $36, the best value bourbon. Kind of a strange pick there, considering that’s more than the high-end vodka pick. Also interesting: Black Bottle as best blended Scotch.

Get the full list here.

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Christopher Null

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  1. blair frodelius February 11, 2009

    Beefeater is definitely the best value in gin, great for mixing anything other than a martini. However, $30+ for Plymouth is standard in my area of the country. I’ve even found older bottles with the traditional labels still going for $32-$35. It’s a shame, because it is my “go to” gin whenever possible. Which means that 1 liter bottle will not last very long. :)


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