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Review: Dumante Verdenoce Pistachio Liqueur



Now is not a good time for the pistachio, what with the salmonella and the recall and such.

But pistachio lovers can still get their fix — in alcoholic liquid form — thanks to Dumante Verdenoce, an intriguing and quite addictive new liqueur.

Dumante is a sweet nut liqueur in the vein of Frangelico or Amaretto. But it’s clearly the result of serious attention to detail, a naturally-infused spirit hailing from Italy that is surprisingly delicate but full of pistachio flavor. As with any liqueur, it’s quite sugary, but not cloying, offering dessert-like notes of butterscotch and creme brulee alongside its nutty center. (In addition to pistachio, it’s flavored with five different kinds of vanilla.)

Even the decanter is unique — uniquely shaped and etched on the back with a classic epicurean design. My only complaint: The squat design makes pouring Dumante more difficult than I’d prefer.

While nut liqueurs are nothing new — I’m fond of Nocello Walnut Liqueur of late — Dumante is unique, offers a strong taste of its signature ingredient, and merits a spot in any dessert-drink fan’s bar.

56 proof.

A- / $38 / dumante.com

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Dumante Verdenoce Pistachio Liqueur



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