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Review: Pretoxx Alcohol Supplement

pretoxx hangover supplement

What do I like the most about Pretoxx? It comes in pill form, so no need to choke back some nasty liquid in the guise of hangover prevention.

Pretoxx is pretty simple stuff. One pill has 600mg of Vitamin C, 100mg of Vitamin B-1, and 200mg of NAC. That’s it. Basically, it’s vitamins, which you’re supposed to take to the tune of one pill per every two drinks, before you head out to the bar.

I tried it as directed, generally felt fine the next day after a long night of drinking… though quite tired. Hard to know without clinical tests one way or the other… but I can say it doesn’t hurt, and it doesn’t taste like crap, so I can’t really complain.

B+ / $20 for 60 tablets

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Pretoxx Alcohol Supplement



Christopher Null

Christopher Null is the founder and editor in chief of Drinkhacker. A veteran writer and journalist, he also operates Null Media, a bespoke content company.

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  1. Dave C June 30, 2009

    Hi and thanks for the reviews,
    A great hangover cure I know is Engov. It comes from Brazil and can be bought on-line. There aren’t many English reviews on it, because it’s mainly used in Brazil. I’d like to see a review though, because it the one that worked best for me out of the ones I’ve tried.

    It’s also easy to use and cheap: One tablet with my first drink, one with my last, if I don’t forget… If I do forget, I’ll remember in the morning and just take another pill… :)

  2. I take these vitamins every day anyway, so that’s probably why I haven’t had a hangover in over a year.

    Number one reason for hangovers: Not enough WATER consumption. The host of “Great Cocktails” on FLN also agrees.:)

    6 glasses of water a day, people! And that’s assuming you’re not drinking alcohol…

  3. John July 1, 2009

    We’d just like to note that NAC (N-Acetyl-L Cysteine) is the ingredient doing the bulk of the “work” in the product. It’s a precursor to a powerful antioxidant (glutathione) synthesized in the liver. Glutathione is rapidly consumed during large amounts of alcohol consumption – NAC helps to “build” back up your storages. There are C/B1/NAC pills on the market – it’s Pretoxx’s time-release formula that packs the punch you need to fight hangovers without continuous dosing.

  4. Al Santi September 3, 2010

    Me, my GF and buddies have all used this pill and i’ve gotten THANK YOU calls the next day from their better halves due to the fact that they were up early in the morning with zero hang overs.


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