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Review: Pinky Vodka


pinky vodkaIs everything coming up pink these days? Pink tequilas are rampant, and now there’s pink vodka called, understandably enough, Pinky Vodka.

Pinky begins with winter wheat, and it’s distilled five times into the base spirit (presumably at this point it’s the same thing as Sweden’s Svensk Vodka, which is the producer of Pinky). Pinky then gets flavored with violets, rose petals, and 10 other (secret) botanical products (plus a dash of yellow artificial food coloring) until this pink vodka is formed. Sounds more like a gin to me than a vodka, but with no juniper included, I suppose vodka it must be.

The aroma is clearly floral, with roses the predominant note. On the palate, it has more berry fruit, with a raspberry character that comes on strong to compete with the flower notes. It can verge into a cough syrup character on the finish, particularly when it warms up, which is probably why Pinky suggests a flood of cocktails that are heavy on fresh fruit and spicy infusions and syrups. Pinky does indeed go well with Chambord, I have to say.

B / $30 / pinkyvodka.com

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