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Review: Oro Azul Tequilas

It takes balls to call your spirit “The World’s Best Tasting Tequila,” and if we were judging on guts alone, Oro Azul would get top marks across the board. But what this line really offers is affordability plus the promise of 100% agave tequila. They also come in conversation-piece-friendly pyramid-shaped bottles. Here’s how they stack up.

All are 80 proof.

Oro Azul Blanco – Awfully straightforward, this silver tequila is heavy with green agave notes and some woodland character — pine and cedar bark. A touch of sweetness on the finish does little to cut through the bite, which finishes on a lasting and lightly bitter note. C+ / $25

Oro Azul Reposado – A substantial improvement over the blanco, this tequila, rested in oak for six months, tempers the vegetal notes and subs in caramel and a little vanilla. Much more easy drinking than the silver, it still has that bitter finish that makes things conclude on a bit of an off note. B / $27

Oro Azul Anejo – This tequila spends two long years in oak, giving it a nicely dark color and some rich flavors of caramel, whiskey-infused vanilla. The Anejo can’t shake that bitter edge, but at least it’s on the lighter side here, leaving this tequila — a bargain among anejos at just $32 a bottle — easily the best of the bunch. B+ / $32

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