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Review: Buckbean Orange Blossom Ale, Black Noddy Lager, and Tule Duck Red Ale

Buckbean makes three brews, and they all come in cans (you can read all about why on the company’s website, linked below). We tried them all.

buckbean beer cansBuckbean Original Orange Blossom Ale – Yes, orange beer. The appropriately copper-colored ale is incredibly juicy — as in orange juice, complementing solid hops with surprising fruit character. Sounds disgusting, I agree, but it grows on you. Fans of hefeweizen will probably enjoy this the most. B+

Buckbean Black Noddy Lager – A dark, dark beer known as a Schwarzbier, this is much smoother than its looks would indicate. Surprisingly mild, it’s got a malty body that fades into a big, smoky finish topped off with a touch of cocoa powder. Really intriguing, but perhaps not for everyone. B+

Buckbean Tule Duck Red Ale – The newest member of the Buckbean family, this American red ale is harsher than I’d expected, with a metallic body that is fortunately offset by the hoppy finish. Fairly harmless but not my first choice. C+

$8 per four-pack of 16-oz. cans / buckbeanbeer.com

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