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Review: Southern Comfort Lime

It says on the bottle: “The classic reinvented.”

I suppose Southern Comfort is a classic. It’s got its own well-established nickname — SoCo — and the peach liqueur is called for in more cocktail recipes than you’d think.

What then to make of Southern Comfort Lime? Take some sweetened lime juice (like Rose’s) and add it to SoCo and you’ve got SoCo Lime. Imagine that SoCo sweetness plus the overwhelming tartness of lime juice.

It tastes like it sounds: Not really pleasant at all.

OK, I’m being charitable. The aroma alone is nauseating, and in your mouth it tastes like jet fuel. The lime is over-the-top, and that saccharine SoCo burn is overwhelming, redolent of menthol and gasoline. SoCo suggests drinking this on the rocks, but that’s a fool’s errand. Perhaps with lots of soda or ginger ale this could be palatable, but even that sounds like madness when much better mixing spirits are available. SoCo Lime is simply a bad idea. I don’t want to heap insult atop injury, but, seriously, if you need lime-flavored SoCo, I’m begging you: Buy a lime.

55 proof.

D- / $18 / southerncomfort.com

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Southern Comfort Lime



Christopher Null

Christopher Null is the founder and editor in chief of Drinkhacker. A veteran writer and journalist, he also operates Null Media, a bespoke content company.

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  1. Nathan October 11, 2010

    Harsh. That might be the last sample you receive from Brown-Forman…

  2. Joe October 12, 2010

    I’d love to read reviews from someone who gave dishonest opinions to ensure he kept getting samples……

    I also find it interesting how whenever a company adds lime it’s truly terrible, i.e. Bud Light Lime, Miller Chill, and multiple liqueurs.

  3. Ryan October 12, 2010

    Try Hangar 1’d Kaffir lime. It is truly delicious vodka…and I dont even like vodka that much.

  4. Ryan October 12, 2010


  5. cange October 13, 2010

    Man, who here didn’t get hideously wasted as a young pup (not too young;) on SoCo and gave it up forever after about the third time (the SoCo I mean, not the hideously wasted part)? If I were a chilean miner trapped ‘neath the earth and for whatever reason this was the only bottle shape that could be sent down to me…I’d request they pour out the SoCo and refill it with literally anything else!

  6. Alan October 14, 2010

    @Cange Ditto. At this point in my life, just smelling it makes my gag reflex kick in, which was great when I was bartending.

  7. Noel October 23, 2010

    This review is right on the money. I drink SoCo and Roses Lime juice (3:1 SoCo to lime ratio) like it’s going out of style. I bought a bottle of this stuff out of curiosity.

    I does tatse like fuel / chemicals, thats the first thing I said to my wife. Roses adds a bitterness to cut down the sweetness, but this stuff tastes like a lime freezie pop gone wrong. I dont know what to do with the rest of the bottle…. I can’t drink it.

  8. devon June 28, 2012

    i love lime beers, got a bottle of this on sale. its not lime at all, its battery acid, it takes the sweet taste of the liqueur and sours it making it tart and unpleasant to have in any drink. i thought it would taste good in cola, but it is down right terrible. shame on you for releasing this terrible spirit

  9. noel January 29, 2013

    me and my gf enjoy it over crushed ice on a really hot summers night and end up polishing off the whole bottle.its really a good drink.thankssssssssss

  10. Pat Bailey April 28, 2014

    Not nice , but better than Nowt , def would not buy again , tastes like **** has been added ( not that I have tasted ****).. We also have a bottle of cherry comfort god help what this May taste like …. *************

  11. Pat April 28, 2014

    Tastes like ****


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