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Tasting Report: Wines of La Mancha, Spain


Thanks to Don Quixote, just about everyone has heard of La Mancha, but where is it? And what about the wines? It’s a wide area that encompasses the dead center of Spain, and as the largest winegrowing region in the nation, it is home to a large variety of wines. 75 percent of the grapes planted here, however, are Airen, a white grape used to make inexpensive and fresh table wines, with Tempranillo the big red grape.

At this event celebrating La Manchan (that sounds right) wines, I stuck with the reds, a variety of Tempranillo and Tempranillo blends with a wide range of ages on them. Aside from Allozo Centro Espanolas’ old reds, nothing blew me away, but since these wines are so affordable, they’re worth a look.

Tasting Report: Wines of La Mancha

2001 Bodegas la Remediadora Crianza La Villa Real / B+ / unchallenging for a wine 10 years old

2008 Bodegas la Remediadora Reserva La Villa Real / B+ / easier going

2005 Casa Antonette Crianza / B-

2004 Casa Antonette Reserva / B / big mint notes

2005 Vinicola de Tomelloso Crianza / B- / very earthy

2002 Vinicola de Tomelloso Reserva / B

2010 Romero de Avila Portento Roble Media Crianza / B- / Zin-like

2003 Romero de Avila Testigo / B / big strawberry, raspberry notes

2004 Santa Catalina Los Galanes Tempranillo Reserva / A- / good balance, easy

2004 Santa Catalina Los Galanes Tempranillo Crianza / A- / similar in style

2007 Allozo Centro Espanolas Tempranillo Crianza / B+ / brambles and black fruit

2004 Allozo Centro Espanolas Tempranillo Reserva / A / great balance

2003 Allozo Centro Espanolas Tempranillo Gran Reserva / A

2008 Casa Gualda Crianza / B+

2008 Casa Gualda Seleccion 50 L / B+ / big Zin kick, black plums and dark coffee


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