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Review: Stolichnaya Stoli Chocolat Razberi Vodka

What do you do when you run out of flavors for your vodka? Start making combinations. Stolichnaya, which makes a Razberi vodka now but not a Chocolat, combines the two flavors, long considered natural buddies in the dessert world, into a single mega-vodka.

Stoli’s intentions here aren’t tough to fathom: The gooey, chocolate-dripping raspberry on the bottle let you know what you’re in for. Sure enough, the aromas of raspberry and especially chocolate fill the room when you pour it into a glass. Then, on the tongue, it works about as expected: Both flavors are natural, authentic, and balanced with enough moderate sweetness to make this friendly enough to sip. The alcohol level — 75 proof — is the only challenge. It has real bite in the finish, reminding you that, yes, you’re sipping Stoli in the end.

Though I’m not entirely sure what I’d do with this Latvian liquor — though obviously it would have a home on the after-dinner cart — it certainly seems well-crafted.

75 proof.

A- / $25 / stoli.com

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Stolichnaya Stoli Chocolat Razberi Vodka



Christopher Null

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  1. Sally February 23, 2012

    Just purchased raspberry chocolate STOLI any recipes ? Any good mixes for this flavor? Thanks:)

  2. Sally February 23, 2012

    Just purchased raspberry STOLI any mixes that w this flavor? Thanks:)

  3. Christy October 20, 2012

    It is heaven when you mix it with POM wonderful juice

  4. Lori December 6, 2016

    I tried a bunch with the chocolate raspberry but my favorite is simple.
    mixed with lemonade = :)
    2nd best was with gingerale


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