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Watch George Dickel’s “Raising the Bar” – And You Can Win Cool Stuff!


So here’s a new thing.

Our friends at George Dickel — who have just launched their own Rye Whiskey nationally — got it in their heads to put a group of teams together and tasked them with building the “perfect bar.” They turned it into a short-form reality series for Hulu, where one episode is airing each week, six in total.

The craftsmen all made custom bars, some relatively orthodox, some decidedly not. It’s fun to watch all of this happen… but wait, there’s more! In fact, it’s where you come in. Dickel has paired up a bunch of us blogger types with the master crafters on Raising the Bar to see if we can’t upgrade these things a bit.

Drinkhacker’s been buddied up with — appropriately — Team Robotics, a trio which is angling to build a bar that comes equipped with a robotic pump that scoots around the bar to dispense shots of Dickel. How’d they do? Take it away, Hulu!

So, what do you think Team Robotics can do to enhance its fantastic creation? Dickel will be judging Team Drinkhacker’s suggestions — and building the winning ideas by hand. Submit the best bar enhancement, and you could win it! What are we talking about? The sky’s the limit. Laser-etched glassware? Hydraulic barstools? A conveyer belt for shots? You tell Dickel, and if ours is the most creative, most original, and most representative of American craftsmanship — just like these bars — Dickel will have them made (handmade, of course) and sent to us. For real. Just make sure your idea makes this bar “even more badass than it already is.”

To clarify: If you come up with the winning idea, your dream will become a reality, your reality. Because Dickel and Drinkhacker will send it to you.

What say ye? Send us your wild enhancements for Team Robotics’ wild robotender and we’ll pass the best idea of the lot on to George Dickel’s panel of judges. Winners will be announced in a few weeks. Meanwhile, check out the Hulu series, and post your killer concept in the comments section below, on Facebook or Twitter, or send them to us via email. (Links for all at the top of the page.)

Good luck, and happy drinking!

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Christopher Null

Christopher Null is the founder and editor in chief of Drinkhacker. A veteran writer and journalist, he also operates Null Media, a bespoke content company.

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  1. Glitterous March 22, 2013

    What about a robotic bartender? It could be a machine with one (or more) built-in, removable shakers, a citrus squeezer, ice maker, and slots for alcohol bottles. Types of drinks are programmed into the micro controller and, depending on the drink you choose, it mixes it for you, then shakes it. No more guessing or measuring shots!

  2. Glitterous March 22, 2013

    Some sort of robot dishwasher also sounds awesome, particularly if you don’t have to do anything but hand it the glass.


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