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Drinkhacker Reads – 10.16.2013 – PAPPYGATE!


As if the Van Winkle brand needed any more press, hype or mythology surrounding it, now we have this: roughly 65 cases of Pappy Van Winkle 20 year old were stolen from the back of a “secure” truck and was reported to authorities on Tuesday night. Apparently an inside job, there is now an investigation pending. While some folks are lamenting such a tragic loss and what it will mean for Pappymania ’13, others have taken to social media to start #pappygate, with conspiracy theories abounding. Bourbonblog has a podcast with the sheriff, who is now on a personal mission to find the Pappy 20. By coincidence, we were at Buffalo Trace today for an unrelated matter and the mood seemed quite somber. No doubt we’re just getting warmed up with this story, which could be one of the best of year. Our take? Perhaps the NSA can track the thieves down with all of the information they’ve been gathering on everyone.

In equally bewildering news: Japan has now made wine for cats. We were lucky to score some and had a guest reviewer take it for a test spin:


Scientists delve deep into the question of whether or not Guinness really does taste better in Ireland than everywhere else. It’s a myth that has been volleyed about for ages now, so it’s great that someone’s finally getting down to brass tacks and trying to find an answer. [Discover Magazine]

And finally today, in non-scientific news NewYork.com tries to make the case for why wine tasting is great for career advancement. If this were the actual case, someone needs to pour a vineyard’s worth for the Yankees and Mets for next season. [New York]

UPDATE: The folks at Van Winkle have hired a private detective agency and it’s currently en route to Kentucky to apprehend the thieves. Stay tuned for updates!


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