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Review: Beam’s Eight Star Whiskey


Beam's_Eight_StarIn nearly every family there’s a black sheep or dirty little secret. Such is the case with Beam’s Eight Star. It’s so low shelf, it’s not even on the shelf. In fact, it’s not even listed on the Beam website as a purchasable brand. It’s not bourbon, but rather a blended whiskey and certainly holds true to the label’s claim. There is some familiarity here to the rest of the brands bearing the Beam banner, but very little. It’s akin to a distant cousin you see every few years at a family reunion.

There are scant traces of caramel and sweetness on the front end and strictly oak on the back, accompanied with a generous portion of heat all around. This is all one really gets out of the deal. And at a price point of around $10, I suppose there’s not much more to hope for in the great game of expectations.

In tech-nerd terms (after all, this is Drinkhacker): if big brother Baker’s is a finely tuned browser with minimal service interruption and amazing extensions, Eight Star is Netscape without frames support and still using the *[blink]* tag.

I kept searching for the silver lining, and to my surprise I actually found one. In a last ditch effort to find some semblance of a positive angle, I mixed Eight Star with Coke. The results were not as bad as anticipated, and I didn’t cry. That’s pretty much the only way I’d take this budget buddy for a spin again.

C / $10

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Rob Theakston

Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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  1. Cheap Drunk May 14, 2014

    I bought a Bottle of Beam 8 Star like the one in the pick above at my local CVS for less then 7 bucks this stuff with a can of coke is not bad at all after you get the first one or 2 sips down the rest goes down like water just had about 4 sips all ready starting to feel it cant beat it for the price also NEVER EVER BUY LTD Wiskey its a Canadian blend Wiskey I didnt never think I would get through that Bottle total waste of money!

  2. Wild Willy October 4, 2016

    Hey, if you are looking for a cheap buzz and you have some coke to mix it with and 7 bucks in your pocket you are in luck…. and actually I am thinking of keeping a bottle or 2 around, as long as you mix it with cola its not bad, did not have much luck with it 7up though….

  3. Aaron July 22, 2017

    Try mixing the 8 star with an Ale81. We Kentuckians call it a green Dragon. Absolutely delicious!

  4. Aaron July 22, 2017


  5. Anonymous June 13, 2018

    8-star with monster is good have downed several bottles


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