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Review: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire Bottle

JD jumped into the honey-flavored whiskey market and made massive waves. Why not try it again with cinnamon?

Tennessee Fire is a classic cinnamon-infused spirit, with a nose that’s immediately redolent of Red Hots, but not overpowering. The body is more quiet and candylike than, well, fiery. The palate starts off sweet, with vanilla caramel notes, essentially classic JD, with the attention of some apple cider character in the mid-palate. The cinnamon comes along later, well tempered with plenty of sugar to keep the cinnamon candy notes from searing the roof of your mouth. This is fine — no one is drinking these whiskeys because they enjoy pain — but Jack’s rendition ends up a little over-sweetened, the way too much Equal leaves a funky taste on your tongue.

The bottom line: JD may have mastered honey, and Tennessee Fire is mostly harmless, but I think other cinnamon whiskeys do this style better.

The test launch of “Jack Fire” (as you are invited to call it) begins in April in Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

70 proof.

B+ / $22 / jackdaniels.com

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Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire



Christopher Null

Christopher Null is the founder and editor in chief of Drinkhacker. A veteran writer and journalist, he also operates Null Media, a bespoke content company.

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  1. Gösta J March 23, 2014

    Thanks for the review.
    Can you name some better cinnamon spirits that you prefer? Some with a better balance between sweetness and cinnamon perhaps?

  2. Matt March 25, 2014

    I just caught wind of this the other day. It’s an interesting line extension, considering how relatively late they are to the party. In addition, last year the scuttlebutt was that JD were running short on whiskey due to the success of the Honey. I guess they found some more, or maybe those rumors were just rumors.

  3. Mike January 28, 2020

    Tried it once, tried it again, would rather lick a lepers twat. Ps not good in tea or coffee.

  4. Anonymous June 7, 2020

    What is sugar content in this blend?


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