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Review: Platte Valley Moonshine


Platte Valley Moonshine Family

The Platte Valley can be found in Missouri (and thereabouts), far away from the moonshinin’ capital of the world, Appalachia.

Don’t tell that to McCormick distilling — makers of the well-known, eco-friendly 360 Vodka. Among other spirits, McCormick also makes Platte Valley Moonshine (“a true expression of the south… since 1856”), too. This is a 100% corn whiskey bottled in a classically-styledd ceramic jug. And while most moonshine is traditionally bottle unaged, Platte Valley spends 3 years in barrel before bottling. (What type of barrel isn’t disclosed, but I’m guessing refill bourbon barrels based on the pale yellow color.)

The nose is all sweet cream and corn — think creamed corn — with notes of toasted marshmallow and malted milk powder. On the palate, the sweetness hinted at on the nose becomes almost overbearing, a spun sugar web that locks up notes of caramel corn, almonds, and a touch of Fig Newton. The finish is lengthy and more than a bit cloying, making it tough to believe this hasn’t been doctored with more than a few sugar cubes before bottling.

Neat jug, though.

80 proof.

B- / $20 / plattevalleymoonshine.com

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Christopher Null

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  1. E. December 3, 2014

    Fan of the site, daily reader helps with working at a liquor store and personal consumption ;) . Anyways Missouri may not be *the* moonshine capital of America but the Ozarks was quite a producer as there are lots of little guys (legal microdistileries) springing up down there using old recipes. Not criticism, just making a statement. Keep up the good work though.

    1. Christopher Null December 3, 2014

      Unofficial capital, perhaps?

  2. Robellious June 29, 2015

    Do u rate moonshine or just describe it? Im typically a Bourbon drinker so i’m new to “moonshine”. Platte Valley is my first purchase, liked the jug goes well with frontier camping even if it tasted crappy. So far though, I like it, matches your description but how do you think it compares with others on the market? Thank u kindly

    1. Christopher Null June 29, 2015

      Almost everything gets rated, including this one. If you want to compare to other moonshines, click the “White Whiskey/Moonshine” category button to your right to see comparative reviews.

  3. michael February 13, 2016

    I got to say I’m not a fan I had high hopes in the beginning. That it would be just like real moonshine. But I was sadly disappointed when I tasted it

  4. wild Bill June 9, 2016

    My grandfather made his own “Shine”. I have been drinking Shine for a number of years. I have not found a better Shine on a shelf. Your Shine is every bit as good as my grandfather’s. I am proud to endorse this product and I promise you that you will not find a smoother and more satisfying Shine in any store. Plus I use the empty bottles as show pieces in my hunting cabin. I will have no other Shine in my home. Good job and most importantly Thank You!


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