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Review: Warsteiner Winter Special Edition


WEIHNACHT_INT_USA_Winter_Special_EditionWarsteiner has never been my favorite brew, but with Winter Special Edition, I’ve found both a Warsteiner variety I can enjoy — and a “winter brew” release that actually works well.

This Munich Dunkel style lager offers ample malt up front but keeps things from turning overtly sweet and cloying. In lieu of that rock candy syrup character that can so often muck up the works, the beer offers notes of apples, caramel, and just a smattering of baking spice notes — restrained but present, and just festive enough, like when your boss dresses as Santa at the company Christmas party. The hops are quiet but show through enough to add a playful bitterness to the finish.

5.6% abv.

B+ / $8 per six-pack of 11.2-oz bottles / warsteiner.us

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Warsteiner Winter Special Edition



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