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Review: Twisted Tea Original and Half & Half

The march to imbue just about any type of liquid with alcohol continues with a natural next step: Alcoholic iced tea. Twisted Tea is a “malt beverage with select teas and natural flavors,” which is better than many of these types of things, which often don’t contain any of the actual ingredient they’re trying to mimic, just a bunch of faux flavoring.

So, with that promising prospect, let’s look at the two inaugural expressions of Twisted Tea.

Both 5% abv.

Twisted Tea Original – This is a credible rendition of sweet iced tea, though a mild undercurrent of malt liquor runs through it, and once it grabs onto your palate, it doesn’t really let go. A sizable amount of sugar helps to cover that up for a time, but the finish sees a somewhat musty, earthy note that lingers for some time. B

Twisted Tea Half & Half – The Arnold Palmer version, with lemonade flavor added. This isn’t as bright as a typical Arnie, but the lemon does crisp things up a bit here, giving it a sunnier disposition with a mild, but detectable, lemon overtone. That helps to muffle that mushroomy aftertaste, giving it a lightly citrus finish instead. A definite improvement. B+

each $3 per 24 oz. can / twistedtea.com

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