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Review: Weihenstephaner Korbinian, 2018 Festbier, and Sierra Nevada 2018 Oktoberfest Collaboration

As Octoberfest heats up, we look at three seasonally-appropriate beers from the world’s oldest brewery, Weihenstephaner, including one collaboration with California’s Sierra Nevada. Oompah!

Weihenstephaner Korbinian – A monstrous doppelbock with intense notes of chocolate, figs, and burnt caramel, grab a pint of this and put a pretzel in hand and you’re ready for Octoberfest without further ado. Intensely mouth-filling with a rounded maltiness that borders on gummy, it’s like a three course meal served in beer form, finishing on a sweet, and slightly smoky, note that feels tailor-made for fireside sipping. 7.9% abv. B / $4 per 16.9 oz bottle

Weihenstephaner 2018 Festbier – Festbier doesn’t seem to have changed much since we last encountered it (in 2009!), presenting itself as a burly, malty brew with a big, pretzel chewiness. It absolutely reeks of the season, a moderately effervescent brew with hints of banana, cinnamon, and falling leaves. 5.8% abv. B+ / $11 per six-pack

Weihenstephaner/Sierra Nevada 2018 Oktoberfest – A little more even-keeled then the two breweries’ last collaboration, this is malty Bavarian lager with an appropriately hoppy edge applied. This gives the rich, almost doughy, brew a bit of a lift, sharpening up the edges while still letting plenty of malt showcase its ripe fruit and spice. Nicely toasty finish. 6% abv. A- / $10 per six-pack


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