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Review: Nine Banded Whiskey


Austin, Texas is the home of Nine Banded Whiskey (aka 9 Banded Whiskey), by way of Kentucky, anyway. This is a sourced blend of 3 year old whiskeys (not just bourbon, mind you), cut with the hill country’s famous limestone-heavy water and named in honor of the nine-banded armadillo. Nine Banded doesn’t provide any breakdown of the whiskeys in this blend, but we know that they’re all sourced from Kentucky. Production is in the process of moving to MGP, however.

This is a soft whiskey despite its higher proof, with ample Cracker Jack on the nose — including some peanut character amidst the caramel corn. The palate is highly, surprisingly approachable at full strength, with the popcorn notes of young, corn-heavy spirit almost impossible to get around. Secondary character, what there is of it, doesn’t stray far from expectations, with hints of cola, red rope licorice, and hemp rope — a mix of sweet and savory that seems destined for mixing with Coke.

All told, it’s fine (if uncomplicated) considering its youth and heavy reliance on corn, even if it doesn’t taste one bit like real armadillo.

90 proof.

B / $33

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