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Review: Avery Brewing Anniversary Edition “Twenty Five”

Colorado’s Avery Brewing celebrated 25 years of brewing in 2018, and to commemorate the milestone, they did not release any kind of anniversary beer. Just kidding! They definitely released a celebration beer, named rather uncreatively Twenty Five. It’s a Belgian style dark ale that was oak aged with honey, dates, and raisins. According to their website, it’s a beer that “ascends to new heights” by combining Avery’s “massive, dark, and high-gravity virtues” with their “future audacious ambitions.” What does that taste like? Let’s find out!

Twenty Five pours thick with a dark chocolate hue reminiscent of Hershey’s syrup. The nose is sweet with plenty of rich chocolaty malts and just as many juicy dark berry notes to balance it all. The palate is creamy, boozy, and rich with roasted malts, Belgian candy sugar, cinnamon stick, and sour cherry. The dark fruits are there, too, but they come across as a bit tart, amplified by a black licorice-tinged bitterness that never really lets up, even at room temperature. The finish continues much of the same with a lengthy epilogue of slightly sour dried fruits, boozy malt, and chocolate mocha. It’s an impressive brew, but prepare yourself. This one demands time to savor and enjoy.

14.5 % abv.

A- / $15 per 22 oz. bottle / averybrewing.com

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Avery Brewing Anniversary Edition "Twenty Five"



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