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Review: Atlas Brew Works District Common and Festbier

Here’s another pair from Washington, D.C.’s Atlas Brew Works. District Common is a craft lager inspired, according to the brewery, by the traditional beers of America’s westward expansion. Festbier is a unique take on a German-style Festbier but intended to be lighter and more sessionable than a traditional Oktoberfest. Let’s dig in!

Atlas Brew Works District Common Craft Lager – This one pours a bright copper color with a big, yeasty aroma of rising bread dough and flaky biscuits. The palate is crisp and bright and immensely drinkable; an impressive marriage of bready lager and fruitier ale. Just when the honey and sourdough seem to take over, a bit of lemon peel and delicate hop bitterness arrive to add complexity and balance into the juicy finish. 5.1% abv. A- / $11 per six-pack

Atlas Brew Works Festbier German-Style Lager – Pours a golden straw color with a light, sweet aroma of candied lemon peel, orange blossom honey, and powdered sugar. The palate is even airier than the nose, lightly bready with an easy mid-palate bitterness complemented by sour orange and lemon juice. It’s definitely easy drinking, but not as full-flavored as I expected from a Festbier. I’m all for lightening the load of your typical Oktoberfest, but this one comes up just a bit short. 6.1% abv. / $11 per six-pack


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Atlas Brew Works District Common Craft Lager



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